For 40 years Phil has honed his skills in massage therapy to bring you the best, most advanced,  care and treatment. Your aches and pains, and tense areas, are targeted and unraveled for quick relief; even chronic resistant areas tend to ease and give way. The relaxation, and relief, from stress and pain typically has lasting effect and value; each session builds on the previous session to enhance your sense of  inner calm and well being.  Additional treatment methods maybe included in the sessions such as  acupuncture points, stress relief techniques, or energy healing work.

Massage Therapy & Bodywork Can Help:
• Greatly reduce pain from such conditions as low back, neck & shoulders, joint      pain, (TMJ/TMD), carpal tunnel syndrome & arthritis, to name a few
• release chronic muscular tension & pain
• improve circulation & detoxification
• increase joint flexibility
• reduce mental and physical fatigue & stress
• improve posture
• create an overall sense of well-being
• relieve certain repetitive motion injuries

Your initial visit may include a basic assessment of twists and torques that affect your overall health, including assessment of:
• First Cervical
• Cranial
• Pelvic Bones
• Twisted Legs & Arms
• Posture
• Twisted Spine, including neck
• Visceral Cavity

Call Phil today to discover your path to symptom-free health and optimum vitality! Call 831.359.4223 to schedule your massage.

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“I love getting massage gift certificates for any occasion. My friends and family do not ask me what I would like for a gift anymore, they just automatically get me a gift certificate from Acupuncture Plus and I am thrilled!  After bodywork with Phil I feel on top of the world again, revived, peaceful, calm, and happy… thank you!” -J.B., Capitola, CA