Awakening Happiness

The key fundamentals to mastering stress and awakening to happiness include:

  • Being in a state of gratitude
  • Being the love that you are
  • Reclaiming the human tribe-meeting in small groups to heal and support one another
  • Getting in touch with the evolutionary impuse inside you … life is evolutionary
  • Express the evolution of ourselves and our culture to awakening to the happiness and love that we are
In this class you will learn how to release the blocks to living a fulfilling life and develop the resources to be balanced, peaceful and happy.

Classes meet once per week for 1 1/2 hours.
Call Phil at 831.359.4223 for further information.

” I have been on a spiritual path for about 5 years and experienced both highs and lows. During the period before finding this class I was lonely and depressed. I felt I had lost the Love and purpose which had once given my life meaning. This left me feeling insecure, unsure, and lost.  Once I began working with Phil in class and for personal sessions, my life began to change. As I learned to get grounded, it began a spiral of positivity in my life. I found myself increasingly able to hold my center amidst the challenging forces and energies I encountered.

For those that are spiritually open and consider themselves sensitive to the feelings of those around them, I highly recommend you learn grounding. It will allow you to feel open and present, without getting caught up in those feelings, to stay sensitive and aware, without being fearful of “bad” or “wrong” energy.

Learning to feel my sense of groundedness allowed me greater confidence, making me more successful with my clients as well as being happier and  more connected with my friends. The work has been so powerful that my friends with a spiritual leaning were quick to notice the changes in me and eager to know more. Now, everyone notices, everyone asks, because we are all looking to become the awesome, creative, beautiful people we know ourselves to be inside.

In under two months of working with Phil, I have reconnected with my authenticity and purpose, returning meaning to my life. I’ve watched my obstacles fade away as a newfound clarity, purpose, creativity, and vision has replaced those fears with excitement, peace, and joy.”
– D. Weisberg, Santa Cruz, CA