Stress Mastery

Are you overwhelmed, overloaded, anxious, just plain stressed out yet desiring to awaken to the happiness and joy inside you.   Stress Mastery classes are now available.  Learn the fundamentals to mastering your stress and and awakening to your happiness.
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Testimonial – Awakening Happiness
Since working with Phil I feel more balanced within myself, I’m able to stay more at peace and centered in my body when stressful situations appear. I feel very connected to the earth and with that it gives me vibrant energy, confidence, love and a feeling of peaceful flow throughout my day. It’s been amazing and I feel it really transforming my life.

The grounding work has also helped my relationship  out tremendously with my 11 year old son. I feel like when I’m grounded he picks up the energy and with that he’s calmer less frustrated and not as reactive. I feel more Connected with him on a deeper level,which is very refreshing and exciting.
-N. Gillis, Capitola, CA