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Experience a comprehensive healing journey with our diverse acupuncture methods, designed for effective pain relief, stress reduction, and overall well-being in a serene environment.


Harmony Through Traditional and Modern Healing

At Healing Haven, we blend the art of healing with traditional acupuncture and the cutting edge of modern Electrical Acupuncture Medicine (EAM). The practice is led by Phil Caylor LAc, who specializes in the new paradigm, living from the heart, of healing to harmonize your body and spirit. The practice focuses on customizing each session, whether classical and/ or electrical, to your unique health and wellness goals, ensuring a transformative experience towards enriching your life.

At Healing Haven, experience the synergy of acupuncture, nutrition, massage therapy, work with sound, light, and various frequencies. Our services are designed to awaken one’s divinity, happiness and best version of themselves, guiding you on a journey to a more peaceful Self.

TOP SERVICES at Healing Haven

Harmonize Body, Mind, and Spirit in Santa Cruz

In our tranquil sanctuary, experience the synergy of acupuncture, nutrition, and massage therapy. Our services are designed to awaken happiness and master stress, guiding you on a journey to blissful well-being.


Come to Healing Haven for a fourfold approach to wellness:
  • 1. Acupuncture
  • 2. Nutrition
  • 3. Bodywork
  • 4. Living from the Heart

Phil Caylor

Your Licensed Acupuncturist, Guiding You to Wellness in Santa Cruz

Years of Expertise
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Benefit from Dr. Phil Caylor’s 40+ years of expertise in acupuncture and wellness, right here in Santa Cruz.

Sustained Wellness
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Join the 90% of our clients who enjoy long-term wellness and vitality through our effective therapies.

Effective Therapies
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Choose from over 10+ therapies, including acupuncture and massage, for a personalized health experience. 

Patient Satisfaction
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Be part of the 99% who find satisfaction and joy in our patient-centered approach. 

Ready to Thrive?
Embark on a Wellness Adventure

Embrace whole-body nourishment and soulful healing with Phil Caylor LAc. Start your journey to a healthier, more joyful you today! 

Your Happiness Awaits – Just a Click Away! 


Acupuncture Treatments for Diverse Health Needs

Diabetic Care
Enhance diabetic wellness with acupuncture that makes your liver, Pancreas, gallblader healthy.
Pain Relief & Resoltuion
Target nerve and muscle relief through strategic acupuncture treatments.
Mental Well-being
Natural mood support for depression and anxiety through acupuncture's chemical influence.
Rehabilitative Support
Acupuncture for pain management and improved mobility in rehabilitation.
Digestive Wellness
Acupuncture to harmonize and support digestive health.
Sleep Improvement
Acupuncture for enhancing sleep quality and combating insomnia.
Chronic Fatigue
Alleviating the symptoms of chronic fatigue through energy flow restoration.
Migraine Management
Complementary acupuncture treatments to reduce migraine impact.
Asthma Relief
Potential asthma relief via acupuncture-induced airway muscle relaxation.
Skin Health
Acupuncture to complement itch and inflammation relief for psoriasis and eczema.
Pediatric Support
Specialized acupuncture considerations for children with special needs.
Fertility Support
Aid in fertility and reproductive health with targeted treatments.
Stress Reduction
Techniques specifically aimed at reducing stress and promoting relaxation.
Immune System Boost
Strengthening the body's natural defenses with supportive acupuncture therapy.

Our experienced 

Team Members

Phil Cylor

Owner and Licensed Acupuncturist


Dr. Skylar Stumpf


Anna Madan

Manager and Sound/ Laser Treatments

Anand Krishna R.

Acupuncturist Assistant and Massage


What Patient say

I had no idea how skilled Phil was in multiple modalities. He did life changing deep tissue work that freed places I thought couldnt release. He assisted me in detoxing mercury that speeded up the process, and freed me from symptoms. Psychoemotionally, Phil could access what ages I was still traumatized, and over the phone guided me through deep releases. The phone sessions were quick and deep. Each session left me transformed and incredulous. An incredibly gifted healer in multiple ways, Phil is a sweet and caring practitioner, up there with other amazing healers. He is the real deal!

Beryl W. Yelp Review

Phil has a special gift. Not given to many. He is an excellent professional,very easy to relate to. I highly recommend him, my daughter does too.

Joyce H. Facebook Review

Phil Caylor has been my acupuncturist for over 20 years. He is simply an amazing healer. Phil's advanced training is exceptional, he works intuitively, and is very thorough, calm and caring. I have been treated by him for a number of issues throughout the years and each time I have had fantastic results. Shoutout to Anna, too, who runs his office, for her beautiful smile and compassion.

Janette A. Google Review

Phil Caylor may have very well saved my life from debilitating insomnia. I had tried everything from sleep hygiene and herbs to hypnosis, and his treatments truly made the shift for me to a person that sleeps. What a blessing! I've since seen him for chronic pain, agitation, anxiety, different organs systems. His approach is very integrated, taking the whole mind/body/spirit into account. He and his staff, especially Anna have always been extremely sweet, generous, and supportive in my healing journey. Phil is also committed to technological innovation that he adds to his practice, turning up the volume of his treatments from fantastic to exceptional. He is truly a Godsend and does this work purely from his heart in a commitment to help people become well and thrive. I could not recommend him enough, he and his staff have been instrumental in my healing journey.

Maya K. Yelp Review

Phil is an amazing person. Very tuned in, patient and kind. I have learned a lot from him and am feeling great!

Robin L. Facebook Review

He is a magic man. I came in to heal from a traumatic accident, little did I know how much other trauma my body had been storing. I was living in pain without knowing it; Mr. Caylor set me free. Go see him and prepare to transform! Om Shanti.

Kailas B. Google Review

The planets were aligned for me when by happenstance I came across Dr. Phil and Ona. I have had pain since I was 17 and am 61. In less than 2 weeks Dr. Phil alleviated some serious spinal pain in the neck/shoulders and low back. I don't wake up in pain or achy. My neck area has totally subsided and I rarely have headaches or being dizzy. Again this is in less than 2 weeks (mind blow). His office is clean and orderly. I love the little extras he uses in his treatment. I've seen many chiropractors and other acupuncturist and I can say unequivocally he helped me in lightning speed. I am on the road to recovery. Dr. Phil and Ona are so professional and friendly and work in tandem to help you heal. They give you the absolute attention to your needs. They are the BEST! I am so extremely overjoyed that I have the best Acupuncturist for my body!

Georgia G. Yelp Review


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