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Healing Haven’s focus is to help our patients become healthier and happier. We do so by addressing the root causes of illness or health condition. We begin by alleviating the symptoms through various modalities to strengthen and activate the body’s ability to recover and heal itself.
The clinic also encourages a new paradigm of happiness in showing patients how to maximize their joy and health by practicing living from the heart.

Phil Caylor

Owner and Licensed Acupuncturist

With over five decades of experience, Phil Caylor has dedicated his life to helping others achieve optimal health and happiness.  His practice focuses on restoring patients’ innate ability to rejuvenate and heal, enabling them to become pain and symptom-free while preventing recurring issues.

Since the mid-1960s, Phil has been studying and practicing yoga, and in the early 1970s, he began his journey with chi gong.  In 1971, he embarked on a career as a massage therapist, fueling his passion for holistic healing.  In 1977, Phil founded the Holistic Health Institute of Santa Cruz, the first massage school in Santa Cruz County.  He graduated from Five Branches University in 1988, becoming a licensed acupuncturist.

Throughout his remarkable career, Phil has honed his skills in acupuncture, massage, nutrition, stress reduction, energy healing, cranial sacral therapy, and living from the heart.


Dr. Skylar Stumpf


Skylar holds a Doctorate and Masters of Science in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with a specialization in Asian medical bodywork, and is licensed as an acupuncturist and primary care provider (PCP) in the State of California, with seven years of experience in the field of Integrative Health.

Dr. Skylar Stumpf DTCM, MTCM, LAc dually specializes in Internal Medicine with a focus on gut health; and in Physical Medicine treating orthopedic injury and rehabilitation. In treating the associated multi-system symptom complex, he values compassion and sensitivity: understanding the profound impact on life chronic illness and pain exerts.

With studies completed through Five Branches University and the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Stumpf utilizes advanced biomedical diagnostics and traditional medical theory, going beyond the limits of either approach in isolation. Patients can be confident that every clinical decision is informed by the highest quality evidence and clinical expertise.

Integrating herbal medicine with root-cause functional medicine, soothing massage and acupuncture, your trust is fully honored as we walk together toward health and wellness.

Anna Madan

Manager and Sound/ Laser Treatments

Hello, my name is Anna Archna Kumari Madan. I am the Office Manager at Healing Haven and my role is to help facilitate care by supporting our team and patients in attaining a positive comfortable
experience on their journey to improving their health and wellness. Aside from daily administrative duties, I also treat patients with other alternative modalities from acupuncture to massage. I specialize
in Acoustic wave, Class 4 Laser and StemWave machines which utilize sound and light frequencies to help break down scar tissue and inflammation to relieve pain. The most satisfying part of my job is
making people feel better and pain-free.

Before Healing Haven, I worked at a chiropractic office as a manager and personal injury Coordinator.Working with the chiropractor helped me gain a better understanding of various pain conditions and the
anatomy of pain. Working with acupuncturists and Healing Haven, I have a deeper respect and understanding of the root cause and origin of pain. I’ve had great pleasure in seeing our practice grow
and offering the best care for our patients.
My Mom, Om, was the first healer and the most illuminating loving presence in my life. She created homemade and other healing remedies to nourish hair and skin, and massage (aka “maalish”) with oils from my infancy to adolescence. It’s her divine grace, wisdom, and healing touch that has given me a deep sense of compassion and love for helping others. Nature, food, and exercise are also my infinite healers along with acupuncture.

I graduated with Honors from UCSC with a Business Management Economics Degree w/an emphasis in Accounting and Finance. Upon graduation, I worked with two of the largest accounting firms. Subsequently, I obtained post-graduate certification in Program Project Management and simultaneously completed a certification in Medical Billing.  After my last assignment, I quit my day job to take care of my mom full-time because she had a stroke and heart attack due to Diabetes. Managing her care was when I gained a greater appreciation for healing with love. Again, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wellness journey. Love and Namaste.

Anand Krishna R.

Acupuncturist Assistant and Massage

Anand Krishna Rayasam specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Healing Haven.  A 2019 Five Branches University graduate, he also holds a Biology degree from UCSC.  Growing up in Cupertino and Santa Cruz, Anand developed an integrative medicine approach combining Eastern and Western philosophies.  Beyond acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, he utilizes Tuina bodywork, breathwork, Qi sounds from the Five Elements, and muscle testing.  This allows Anand to help patients release trapped emotional trauma stored in the body that can contribute to dysfunction in the body’s burners, glands, organs, tissues and musculoskeletal system.

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