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Anand Krishna R.

Practitioner Specializing Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hi my name is Anand Krishna Rayasam. I graduated Five Branches University class of 2019. I also studied at UCSC and received a Bachelorette in Biological Sciences BS. I grew up around Cupertino and Santa Cruz. In conjunction to acupuncture, more specifically in traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture meridians, I also studied Chinese herbal medicine. My approach involves both East and West philosophies and integrative medicine. in addition to TCM Acupuncture and Cupping, I specialize in Tuina bodywork, to release emotional blockages related to pain in the fascia, muscles, and ligaments, and breath work and Qi sounds relating to the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine along with muscle testing techniques, I can help you release trauma trapped emotions stored in one’s body, which can relate to dysfunction in the upper middle and lower burners and their associated glands, organs, tissues, and pain musculoskeletal system.

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